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Amazon Dash Button

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Loyal readers! Did you think this blog was dead? I’m back with another post, well over a year since my last. Living up to the blog’s name.

Recently there’s been some talk about a new “product” from Amazon the so-called Amazon Dash button. Amazon has created a small device to be placed near where you commonly use certain products. When the button the device is pressed the product in question will automatically be ordered via the consumer’s local wifi connection.

Still Clinging to Life

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Well, as predicted I’ve neglected this blog like I have every other in the past. I’ve continued playing around with the gnuradio and rtl-sdr stuff, even purchasing myself an Ettus USRP B100. Maybe at some point over the next decade I’ll make another post convering new projects in that realm.

Today brings us two new exciting things. A newly upgraded version of Octopress (what’s different? Who knows!) and my newly arrived Oculus Rift.

RTLSDR and GNU Radio

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Recently I purchased a Newsky DVB-T USB Receiver off Amazon for around $30 USD. Not the best price for one of these, but the free two or three day shipping couldn’t be beat. The Newsky is intended for use receiving over the air digital video broadcasts (DVB-T) commonly found in the european markets. Similar OTA video in the United States utilizes the ATSC standard and thus isn’t generally compatible with this device.

Another Blog to Sit Empty

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For years I would move from one new ‘home page’ to the next, never making a change after the initial thrill of creation. This eventually gave way to various ‘blogging’ platforms, web frameworks and finally a very simple static site consisting of a single page of contact information.